RTearoa is the fan event dedicated to everything Rooster Teeth and is run by the New Zealand fan club Rooster Sheep

The next RTearoa is taking place in Penrose, Auckland. Everything will kick off with the Real Life Grifball tournament at 2:30 pm. 

At 5:30pm we will move to the indoor games which will include Halo, Rockband, Trials and DDR

At 9pm the drinking games will start.

More info will be released in the coming weeks and the finer details will be emailed to you upon purchase.

Unfortunately tickets for this RTearoa are now sold out. Don't worry there will be another one coming soon.

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What is Rooster Sheep?

Rooster Sheep is an online community for fans of Rooster Teeth

What is this Rooster Teeth you speak of?

Rooster Teeth is a company based in Austin Texas that make funny videos for the internet

Where can I see these videos?

You can watch all of their content on roosterteeth.com and youtube. I would suggest starting with Red Vs Blue and see how far you get.

You can see a short history of the company here 

Ok got it, so how do you guys celebrate?

By holding awesome events, this year we have rebranded to call the event RTearoa because RT for Rooster Teeth and then earoa from Aotearoa........ you know........... it like a joke....... 

No dude, jokes are funny.

Ok sorry. But the event is fun anyway. 

Orly? What happens

Well we have a classic kiwi BBQ; play some Real Life Grifball, Zombie Horde, Capture the Tower of Pimps, play a few modified drinking games, have some live music as well as some classic Xbox video games such as Halo, Trials Evolution, DDR and Rock Band

Tell me more

You can watch this video to see other people playing Real Life Grifball at one of our previous events

Watch here

The Zombie Horde is a game based off the Immersion episode Horde Mode

Watch here

I'm super keen, when is your next event?

Our next event is on the 27th of July and is taking place in Penrose Auckland

Where can I keep up with the latest updates?

You can join our Facebook Group , like our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter or join us on the Rooster Teeth Community Site