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Upload me is your access to all your memories online.

Over the years you probably have accumulated numerous videos of birthdays, weddings, holidays, sky dives and other memorable events; and you'll probably find that these are spread across numerous different DvD's, Video tapes, film maybe even left on a USB stick in the bottom of a draw.

Wouldn't it be better if you could access all of these videos all in one convenient place where ever you are?
No more need to spend an hour trying to find which DvD or Tape that bungee jump is on I will take your video, what ever format it's on, convert it and store it on the cloud for you.

That way no matter where in the world you are your memories are a click away.

Once uploaded you will be provided with a unique code to view all of your videos that way only people who you share the code with will be able to view your content.


Also, if required, I can edit your home movies and/or photo's to create montages of your favorite moments.


Send me an email using the contact form below and leave the dying medium of DvD's, VHS and film in the past.

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